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Social Studies

Social Studies services provides support to administrators, instructional coaches, and teachers in the following areas:

  • Staff development in the areas of social studies TEKS/STAAR, curriculum development, effective teaching and learning strategies, and integrating social studies with other disciplines and technologies
  • Instructional Coaching regarding best practices in the social studies classroom
  • Information and resources regarding TexQuest and Mock Trial competition

Helpful Links by Category:

General Social Studies Resources


Additional Museum Resources


Primary Sources


K-12 Social Studies Content/ Elementary SS Resources 


United States History Resources


United States Government / Civics



World Geography / World Cultures Resources


World History Resources


Economics/  Financial Literacy Resources


Electives Resources Psychology / Sociology



Texas History Resources


Ethnic Studies / African American History


Mexican American History Resources


Native American Studies


Professional Organizations


TexQuest: - You can access all of the resources from here.

links to webinars, training requests, etc. The DIY training on the right hand side was created this year by each provider so that librarians/technologists would have quick "how to" videos to watch and then turn around on their campuses.



Julie Griffith
Secondary RLA/SS Specialist