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MTSS is a framework that uses data to drive intervention and decision making. This framework helps schools and districts build their capacity to implement or to advance their practices in establishing an equity-based, multi-tiered system of supports for inclusive instruction and improved academics, behavior, and mental health for all students. 

MTSS Umbrella

A successful RtI system contains the following components – 

  • High-Quality Instruction: This applies to all three tiers and should be based upon valid research to prove it is successful when implemented with fidelity.  

  • District/Campus RtI Team: This team is composed of an administrator, interventionist/coaches, classroom teacher, counselor, parent, and diagnostician, LSSP, or SPED teacher, when needed.  This team meets frequently (at least once per grading period) to analyze data and make decisions for each individual student based on that data.  

  • Universal Screener: A quick norm-referenced test that identifies those students who may be at risk in both academic and behavioral categories.  

  • Progress Monitoring: A way to assess a student’s performance over time and to quantify a student’s rate of improvement.  Progress monitoring must represent the student’s academic development and guide instructional planning.  


Building RtI Capacity Tools

Parent Notification Checklists and Sample Letters

Resource Pages


Campus Needs Assessment Tools

Reading Instructional Tools

Math Instructional Tools

TIER               National Center on Intensive Intervention               RtI Action Network               

Intervention Central               Center on Multi-Tiered System of Supports               Building RtI Capacity

The Meadows Center

ESTAR                FCRR                Evidence for ESSA

What Works Clearinghouse                The Fuchs Research Group                Center on Instruction

 TALA                Building RtI Capacity                Free Reading

Neuhaus                Virtual Manipulatives                Math Skills Database