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School Safety

A safe learning environment is essential for all students in all grade levels. Without it, they are unable to focus on learning the skills needed for a successful education and future. Keeping schools safe allows children to look forward to an environment that promotes social and academic growth.

The issue of school safety has always been a priority in the education community, but in light of recent events in our country and now most recently in our state, school safety is the major issue facing local school districts, their communities, their local government as well as our federal government.

ESC Region 6 is here to support our districts in any way to help your school district become a safer place for everyone. Our website was created to help aid districts in all areas of safety. Browse the safety topics and information and please do not hesitate to contact us for any school safety assistance.


School Safety Compliance


  • 2024 - 2025 Multi-hazard Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Review
    • Training Dates:
      • TxSSC Multi-hazard EOP Review Cycle Preview Webinar
        • April 17, 2024, from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.
          • Initial overview of the 2024 - 2025 Multi-hazard Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Review. This year’s review will examine the Basic Plan and the Cybersecurity Annex
          • Highly recommend that superintendents, as well as safety and security, emergency management, and district information technology personnel, attend this webinar. TxSSC will collect questions and provide a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document after the webinar, along with a link to the recording.
          • Click Here to Register
      • ESC6 Virtual Zoom Training ESC6 Face-to-Face Training
        • August 7, 2024 - 9:00 am OR 12:30 pm (only need to attend one)
          • This training will provide your district with an opportunity to bring your updated (nearly complete) EOPs for Cumorah to review before the official submission date.
          • Click Here to Register
    • EOP Annex Submission | Fall, 2024
      • TxSSC Cybersecurity Toolkit, includes Cybersecurity Annex Course
      • This will be the only area audited in the EOP Fall 2024
      • Recommended internal coordination with safety/security + technology
    • EOP Training and Exercise Annex Toolkit


  • 3-Year School Safety and Security Audits
    • School District safety and security audits required by Texas Education Code 37.108 must be completed during that cycle.
    • Current Cycle - September 1, 2023 - August 31, 2026
      • Year 1 is coming to a close - Year 2 is a great time to complete your audit!
        • Gives your district time to conduct the audit, present results to your board, and complete the DARtool when released in year 3.
      • If you are interested in the ESC6 Safety Team conducting your district’s audit, please contact Amy Moser for a scope of work.


  • District Vulnerability Assessments
      • Audits conducted by TEA 
      • Does not replace the 3-year audit.
      • Evaluation of the district’s compliance with requirements found in Texas Administrative Code, Texas Education Code, Commissioner’s Rule Concerning School Facilities, and TEA Standards of Practice.
      • Currently in pilot phase; targeted to begin next school year.
      • 30 day notice of DVA and document request given to Superintendent (increased from original 14 days)
      • 25% of LEAs / year / sector, randomly selected from small, medium and large categories:
        • 1-11 campuses - 100%
        • 12-25 campuses - 85%
        • 26+ campuses = 75%
          • Random selection of campuses for LEAs with more than 12.
      • The on-site DVA process will be completed in a week or less.
      • Review the DVA document – Click Here to View
      • More details to be released after the pilot period is complete.


  • School Safety Standards Compliance Assessment 
    • Is open and accessible through the Intruder Detection Audit Dashboard.
    • The Compliance Assessment has now reopened to allow districts to update their compliance status as they become compliant with the required components.
    • For districts that are not at least provisionally compliant with the safety standards, updating your status can have implications for your allowable costs for SAFE Grant - Cycle 2.
    • The form will remain open and districts can continue to update as often as they like until they are fully compliant with all of the safety requirements.



  • Attorney General Releases School Safety Guidance and Makes OAG Training Available to SROs read the advisory, click here.


  • Operationalizing School Behavioral Threat Assessment Programming - TxSSC
    • Technical assistance sessions
    • An action plan, created by TxSSC, based on the outcomes of the technical assistance session. TxSSC will issue action plans to districts one to two weeks after their session. The action plan will support them in improving their threat assessment programming.


School Safety Grants


  • TEA SAFE Cycle 2 w/ Matt Simcock Office Hours


  • Grants to Replace or Retrofit School Buses
    • The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Texas Emissions Reduction Plan is now accepting applications for the Texas Clean School Bus program, which is designed to reduce school children’s exposure to diesel exhaust from school buses. Grants are available statewide for eligible public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools in Texas. Private schools do not qualify for funding. Applications are accepted and considered on a first-come, first-served basis until October 14, 2024, or until all available funds have been awarded.



Before students can learn academically at school, they need to feel safe. Students not only need to feel safe but need to be in facilities that are safe and secure and be taught by teachers and administrators who have instructional knowledge in handling behavior problems at school to preserve the dignity, respect, and individual rights of students and staff.

Region 6 provides different safety areas to help school districts in keeping students safe. They are:

  • Safety School Audits
  • Emergency Operations Plan Support
  • Behavior/Discipline Management
  • Drivers Safety (Safety Education and Training)
  • Bus Safety (Safety Education and Training)
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support

Technical assistance as well as professional development opportunities are available.

For more information see the tabs to the left or contact the program contact below.


Amy Moser