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How to Make an EPIC6 Purchase

The first step to making an EPIC6 purchase is to make sure your organization / entity is an EPIC6 member. If your organization is not an EPIC6 member, you may begin the free membership process here. 

If your organization is a member of EPIC6, follow these simple steps:


  1. Review the Current Contracts tab located here and then select the contract category you are interested in. 
  2. Select vendor(s) from the list of awarded vendors in the appropriate contract category.
  3. Contact the EPIC6 vendor(s) you wish to do business with and identify yourself as an EPIC6 member and request an EPIC6 quote.
  4. Create a Purchase Order to the vendor. The Purchase Order must clearly identify the order as a EPIC6 purchase by including the EPIC6 Contract Number. (Ex: EPIC6 9.23)
  5. Email the Purchase Order to the vendor and Bcc 


  • Per the Interlocal Agreement, EPIC6 members must send a copy of the purchase order that utilizes an EPIC6 contract or a Monthly Report, which reports all purchase orders including PO number, date, vendor, the PO amount, and the EPIC6 contract number to by the 10th of the following month.