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School Safety Audits

The current three-year school district safety and security audit cycle for school districts
began on September 1, 2023, and will end on August 31, 2026.
School District safety and security audits required by Texas Education Code 37.108 must be completed during that cycle.


The Texas Education Code 37.108 states: "At least every three years, each school district shall conduct a safety and security audit of the districts's facilities. To the extend possible, a district shall follow safety and security audit procedures developed by the Texas School Safety Center or a comparable public or private entity". Audits should be an ongoing process and attention to safety and security should not be thought of as an annual or a once-every three year event.

To assist districts with school safety and school audits, Region 6 has a safety team who can help you with audits. This team will conduct an on-site audit that follows the requirements of TEC 37.108 and will provide the district with an written audit report assessing the safety and security of the campuses and other required facilities.

For further information or for contracting for a safety team to come to you district to complete an audit please contact the program person below.

Amy Moser

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