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Special Programs

The Special Programs Department staff is ready to serve you in order to help the students in Region 6 be successful. Let us know how we can serve you.

The essence of the Special Programs Department, is to provide quality services to school districts including charter schools in the special program areas for both State and Federal Programs. To find out about the individual programs, please click on the programs on the left hand side of the page. Also, learn about the staff in Special Programs who will be serving you by clicking on the Staff Tab on the menu page.

The staff in the department provide professional development and technical assistance in program information, program planning, program compliance and monitoring, fiscal information, fiscal planning, and program evaluations.

Professional development activities are provided both on-site and regionally through the models of face-to-face, DL, webinars, and a few on-line trainings through the Advanced Academics Services Program. Technical assistance is available via phone, email, DL, and on-site.

We look forward to not only assisting you but to also develop a great working relationship with you. Let us hear from you.