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Educational Purchasing Interlocal Cooperative at Region

The Educational Purchasing Interlocal Cooperative at ESC Region 6 (EPIC6) is located at 3332 Montgomery Road, Huntsville, Walker County, Texas. EPIC6 is operated and managed by:

Matthew Reddoch -  936-435-8288
The purpose of EPIC6 is to facilitate the procurement process between members (public school districts, private schools, charter schools, colleges, and universities, cities, and municipalities, counties, state agencies), and vendors through pre-negotiated agreements enabling the member to receive better value. EPIC6 is committed to provide a proven process to eliminate procurement related stress for our members.
School districts are authorized to use purchasing cooperatives by the Texas Education Code, and as a local government entity by the Texas Local Government Code. The Texas Education Code, Section 44.031, authorizes districts to enter into inter-local agreements with other government entities, including purchasing cooperatives that are managed by a government entity, for aggregate purchases of $50,000 or more, instead of using competitive bidding.

Why EPIC6?

  • EPIC6 provides government entities opportunities for greater efficiency and economy in acquiring goods and services through competitively procured vendor agreements.
  • EPIC6 provides comprehensive purchasing practices according the Laws of the State of Texas and Federal Regulation 2 CFR part 200, when appropriate, and is designed to result in competitive agreements that meet a wide variety of needs.
  • EPIC6 provides competitively priced purchasing options for multiple government entities that yields economic benefits usually unobtainable by the individual entity.
  • EPIC6 provides quick and efficient delivery of goods and services by entering into pricing agreements with “high performance” vendors.
  • EPIC6 provides document retention for competitive procurement process for all EPIC6 Awarded Agreements and direct access to documents. 
  • EPIC6 maintains credibility and confidence in business procedures by maintaining free, full and open competition for purchases and by complying with purchasing laws and ethical business practices.
  • EPIC6 staff is available to members and vendors for assistance with procurement documents. 
  • EPIC6 provides a way for government entities to avoid the time and expense of seeking competition for their purchasing needs. 
  • EPIC6 enables vendors to become more efficient and competitive by reducing the number of proposals that require responses to be made to individual entities.
  • EPIC6 equalizes purchasing power for smaller entities.
  • EPIC6 is dedicated to serve.