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Title I, Part D

Title I, Part D, Subparts 1 and 2 are grant programs for districts who meet the eligibility criteria. Title I, Part D, Subparts 1 and 2 establish Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Youth Who Are Neglected, Delinquent, or At Risk. This law provides supplemental funding to state and local education agencies as a part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2011 (NCLB) as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

These funds are dedicated to improving educational services to children in facilities for the neglected or delinquent.The goal is to enable program recipients to meet the same student performance standards that all children in the state are expected to meet. Improved academic performance will facilitate the transition of students from correctional programs to further education or employment. The Division of Federal and State Education Policy at TEA administers two formula programs under this law. (Information as published on the TEA website)

For additional information about Title 1, Part D, contact the program contacts:

Kristie Pacher 

Lauren Hodge

Maribel Perez