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Certification Co-op

Districts may choose to participate in the Region 6 ESC Certification Technical Assistance Cooperative. Members will receive unlimited telephone and email assistance in making certification decisions, including hiring and placement.

Professional development, including an annual information session for LEA Certification Officers and interested school district personnel will be held each year to provide training and assistance in interpreting the new guidelines, procedures, and updates on Texas teacher certification. Region 6 ESC provides technical assistance for participating districts by answering inquiries concerning certification, NCLB (“highly qualified”) status, renewal of standard certificates, permits, and serves as a liaison between districts and TEA/SBEC.

In addition to the annual certification information session, members will receive current updates concerning certification procedures and related issues as part of the membership fee. The critical success factor for school improvement is focused on increasing teacher quality.

Region 6 ESC provides additional service to all LEAs to process permits in conjunction with the Texas Education Agency.