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School Bus Driver Training Certification and Recertification

School Bus Driver Training is a state-mandated program to train school bus drivers. The purpose of this training is to reduce the injury/death of school-age students while being transported to and from school and on school-sponsored trips. Region 6 ESC provides the 20-hour certification training, as outlined in the Course Guide for School Bus Driver Training in Texas, that all school bus drivers are required to take and the 8-hour recertification training required by all drivers every three years.


School Bus Safety Team,, 936-435-8478

Diane Wilson,, 936-435-8333

Eddie Carmon,, 936-435-8374 


See what our clients are saying about our On-Demand Recertification Course:

"I really like the online option this time. I have been teaching/coaching for 25 years and this is really convenient. I have done this course more than a few times and I really like this option."

"I enjoyed its a online course and I don't have to sacrifice my weekends. Plus the course refreshed my memory on lots of items of bus driving."

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Bus Driver Training