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Curriculum Management

Goals of the Region 6 ESC TEKS Resource System Collaborative are to provide districts with a resource for implementing the state standards, offer customized, aligned, online resources, and deliver sustained professional learning. 

Curriculum Management Homepage

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The collaborative consists of four online components: TEKS Resource System, Implementing TEKS Resource System, TExGUIDE and the Pre-K Outcomes Framework. Please click on the logos above or contact Jill Rouse at or (936)435-8223 for more information. 

TRS Resources


AVAILABLE NOW! Beginning November 13, 2020, the Resources and Activities Collection will be accessible exclusively through ESCs. 

Resources and Activities Collection

Gap Implementation tools for all content areas have been released. You can find them in the TCMPC Resources section.

TEKS Resource System 

For clarification on how to correctly use the tool, click on the link below:

Gap Implementation Tool

For an update on all TEKS Resource System components, click the link below:

Navigation Training