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TEKS Resource System

The TEKS Resource System is an online curriculum management system dedicated to supporting school districts with their implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). This collection of resources provides multiple tools for use during lesson planning, activity development, data analysis, and assessment creation. Region 6 ESC offers two purchasing options for TEKS Resource System subscribers. 

TEKS Resource System by the Numbers



TEKS Resource System provides a multitude of documents that enhance a teacher’s ability to plan for quality instruction. The components include:

  • Vertical Alignment Document (VAD): Document that aligns Student Expectations across grade levels and provides specificity so teachers understand the changes in content and/or rigor across grade levels.
  • TEKS Clarification Document/Enhanced TEKS Clarification Document (Math Only): Detailed specificity of course or grade-level specific Student Expectations.
  • Year at a Glance (YAG): Document designed to provide a snapshot of the entire year's instructional plan. The Year at a Glance is a map and pacing guide for units of study.
  • TEKS Verification Document (TVD): A companion document to the Year At A Glance which lists the Student Expectations for a grade level/content area and indicates when an SE is a Direct Teach (T) or is Ongoing (O).
  • Instructional Focus Document (IFD): Unit planning guides that provide an overview of the unit, overarching ideas,unit concepts & understandings, student misconceptions/underdeveloped concepts, key vocabulary, unit-level specificity of the TEKS, ELPS, and Performance Assessments.
  • Performance Assessments: Assessment tasks that align with the learning objectives of the unit. These Assessments bundle multiple student expectations into one project-style assessment activity, are found in the IFD, and include rubrics.
  • Unit Assessment Items: Assessment item bank that is tightly aligned to the units. The item bank has been designed so that districts have the opportunity to build an assessment that is best suited for their students. Assessment items are designed to resemble STAAR.
  • STAAR Analysis: Analyzes previous STAAR Assessment items based on depth of knowledge. The documents also provide plausible rationale for student errors.
  • Other Resources: A variety of content specific resources for each subject area that provide support to teachers.


Region 6 ESC TEKS Resource System Platinum Package includes:

  • Access to TEKS Resource System
  • Access to Implementing TEKS Resource System
  • Navigation training (1) 
  • Backwards design training (1)
  • Planning for success (2)
  • Technical support (unlimited)
  • TEKS RS updates

*If you are a TExGUIDE and Core Content Fee Service subscriber you receive a discount on select training sessions. These are all onsite and customized for your district. 


Region 6 ESC TEKS Resource System Bronze Package includes:

  • Access to TEKS Resource System

  • (1) Navigation training or (1) Backwards design training

  • Training and support are an additional fee


Kimberly Lupton

Coordinator of Instructional Services